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Get Built provides a warranty for products manufactured and installed by Get Built, that under conditions of normal use will be free from defects, taking into account industry standards and tolerance.

The 12-month period commences from the date of installation or supply. Products not manufactured by Get Built may have their own warranty cover.

Please note the terms of our warranty.

  1. The warranty period commences when the job is complete.

  2. Any work relating to warranty claims will only be done when the job is fully paid for.

  3. Work relating to warranty claims may incur a $120 call out fee.

  4. The following are excluded from warranty claims:

    1. Cost of the service where faults are attributable to accident, fair wear and tear or misuse.
    2. Cost of the service where there was found to be no fault with the product.
    3. Cost of the service where faults are caused by an unauthorized person attempting to repair the product.

The following is not covered under warranty:

  1. Products that are not maintained and cared for.
  2. General wear and tear.
  3. Defects caused by misuse, abuse or neglect.
  4. Modification or attempted alteration of goods.
  5. Any abnormal stress imposed on the goods due to corrosive or strong chemicals, extreme heat and/or humidity, excessive vibration or movements of buildings or foundations.
  6. Glass breakage.
  7. Any scratches or marks to the product which are not reported to Get Built within two business days of installation.
  8. Products used for a commercial purpose.
  9. Slight colour variations due to different batches of products, different materials used, and/or aging of product.
  10. Unforeseen issues caused by the original fixing of the old wardrobe being removed.
  11. Mirror ‘edge creep’ (blackening of mirror edges).
  12. Bowing of wardrobe and bi-fold doors due to natural causes such as heat, cold and humidity.

The following shower screen items are not covered under warranty:

  1. Damage to glass.
  2. Gaps between glass (tolerance allowed = 4mm to 8mm, as per industry standard).
  3. Bowing in glass (tolerance allowed = 1mm bow every 350mm).
  4. Cracked, chipped or broken tiles.
  5. Damage to water pipes.
  6. Damage to any sealing agent on any surface.
  7. Damage to walls, floors or coverings.
  8. Water escaping due to wet seal issues.
  9. Water escaping due to gaps in glass and/or metal.
  10. Dropping/sagging of doors due to wall, floor or building movement.
  11. Change of mind – i.e. frameless screens cause water to escape due to design – this is not a faulty screen.
  12. Silicone and adhesive type products.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your product, we ask that you raise the issue within 48 hours of installation.


How long will it be before installation?

All of our products are custom built and manufactured on-site in our factory in Canberra. We pride ourselves on providing clients with a fast turnaround from measure to installation - usually within 4 weeks. We will advise current lead times upon your enquiry, please note that delivery/install times are dependent on confirmation of order. For some products we can offer an express service for an additional fee.

What do I do if I have an issue with my product after completion?

Please let us know ASAP if you have any issues. We pride ourselves on our quality and service, however details of our warranty can be found here.

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